Why I'm here


Are your senses satisfied outdoors every day ….?

Do you wish and wish for your own private outdoor retreat to escape the “busyness” of everyday life? A sunny spot to drink a cup of coffee in the morning before rushing out the door; an outdoor living space to sit and share stories with your favorite people over dinner at the end of the day …. if only you could work out what to do in your backyard to make it the place to be!

Unless you work a nine to five job out-of-doors, most of your time is probably spent under a roof and in front of a computer.

Let’s face it. Your career brings in the money and satisfaction (hopefully!). But it often disconnects us from the beautiful world outside. A world full of curiosity, buzzing insects, smells, and natural colours.

You can get that connection back.  And share it with family and friends in the sanctuary of your own home.

Some people like to hear about my background, and why I love helping others to make great outdoor living spaces. Here’s the quick version …

Rewind 20 years

That’s when I finished studying landscape architecture at university. After that I did what most graduates do – work as a professional landscape architect for consulting firms. I designed residential, commercial and public spaces in both Australia and the United States.
I love working with people. As I helped my clients I watched their thinking expand into outdoor living space, creating special connections to their individual places.

But the truth is, I spent most of my time working on projects with million dollar budgets and gardens of wealthy private clients. As I worked, I realised that most “normal” houses were designed and built with zero connection to the landscape.  A huge missed opportunity!

Everyday people were missing out on having access to design services. They couldn’t afford consultant design fees for a full service process, even though they felt passionate about being in their outdoors and had lots of great ideas. They really just needed some inspiration to pull their thoughts together and a step-by-step plan to get them on the road to achieving their personal great outdoors.

That’s why I built this business.

When it comes to their outdoor living spaces

People tell me over and over

how complicated it is trying to organise and plan their landscape project. What first sounds easy – eats up many frustrating nights and weekends.
What if you could access a proven system professional landscape architects use for every high-end client? Without the cost and hype associated with large firms?
So I created a simple, step-by-step online process that can truly make a world of difference. A new way to reach out and help people accomplish their goals no matter where they are.  A way to create a remarkable outcome while maintaining peace-of-mind.
Everyone should have access to professional landscape design advice – to make their garden great.
Talk to me about
how I can help you or get started with my free downloadable guide “6 expert steps for starting your landscape project” (you’re welcome!) to get you thinking the same way as professionals.

Hope I can help you get outside 🙂

Lindy Hulton-Larson

Registered Landscape Architect – #000871, AILA, Australia
Licensed Landscape Architect #5045, State of California, USA