What's your landscape design style character?


(Style 1 of 6 – is this you?)

Fine textured, tasteful, and romantic details form the base of this style – but with a lived-in, comfortable feeling. Pastel colours and raw textures that tone in together please your eyes. Beneath a stately tree, a cozy picnic with indulgent but simple trimmings is definitely on the menu. Weathered and painted timber sets off the style and old iron gates are perfect.
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(Style 2 of 6)

Uncluttered lines and smooth, engineered surfaces form the backbone of this style.  Nothing fussy. Concrete patios, steps and paths are functional and elegant with clean edging. Outdoor living spaces have order and a visual connection to the sky. Planting works to highlight hardscape and materials, and adds to a sleek atmosphere. Colours are restrained, but a block of bright textural accent will complete the scene.
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(Style 3 of 6)

Classic, formal and tasteful composition distinguishes this garden style. Geometric expanses of green, tree avenues, and lines of ordered planting should give the structure. Stone pavers, edging or terraces provide places to enjoy the scenery or a bistro style dinner. An expanse of lavender, framed views to the house and gravel that crunches underfoot fulfill landscape dreams. Take the opportunity for a harmonious and relaxing evening stroll.
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(Style 4 of 6)

A balance of natural and engineered materials typify this style. Repeating textures and simple proportions of light wood, concrete and stone are used on walls and decks in a Scandinavian style simplicity. The landscape feels like an extension of the house and has a natural quality with soft textures that move in the breeze. Planting is a thoughtful mix of drought tolerant grasses, succulents and feature species. Subdued grey tones and lots of blues with perhaps a few playful accent colours give this style elegance and “zing!”
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(Style 5 of 6)

Forms and textures of nature provide inspiration for this style, and habitat for wildlife in your landscape. Stepping stones lead into exploring diverse and interesting corners of the garden. The landscape looks natural with complementary plant groupings and tall shrubs amidst textured materials & details. A variety of plants blooming colour and providing textural interest throughout the seasons are a key component of this style!
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(Style 6 of 6)

Outdoor dining is on a chunky timber setting – the bigger the better. Flagstone paving amidst groundcover plants is easy to navigate on a starry night.  Weathered slat timber from an old barn has been reincarnated into a shady covered patio. Large stone and rough hewn timber feature prominently in the landscape. This style provides for luxurious comfort in the mountains or rural countryside!
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Pssst!! Just in case you’re wondering, it’s normal to be more than 1 style. It’s OK!  Usually 1 simple landscape design style dominates, but you could be attracted to elements of others – doesn’t mean you’re doomed!!

I can help you work out what suits your lifestyle & character, as well as the best landscaping ideas for your garden.

The best place to start is with our simple ‘Vision Process”. See you there!

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