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It’s time to bring out your garden gnome (or send him packing!)



Outside time is important for our physical, mental and emotional health.

Act now to turn your outdoor space into a liveable retreat and

connect with friends and family away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


Save time & money

Weekend time should be for enjoying and relaxing, not for never-ending landscaping projects. You want to get it right the first time and prevent expensive redo’s.

Escape "landscape overwhelm"

There are so many ideas, forums, products & opinions out there. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re thinking about your landscaping project/s.

Treasure your life & family

Make your outdoor sanctuary for relaxing at home with your loved ones. Your leisure time should restore you, not leave you feeling exhausted.

Try our simple 3-step visioning & planning process.

Our process gives you online access to professional landscape design tools & experience for a fraction of the cost of full design & documentation fees.

Chase a little smile on your face. Clarify your ideas through our efficient 3-step online design process.

1. Take stock of where you are & what you like:
We listen & ask smart questions to help establish your own personal vision.

2. Work out your road map:
We identify what steps you’ll need to take to accomplish your vision for your outdoor spaces.

3. Move forward with your achievable landscape strategy:
You’re ready to go with your vision and your road map. Move forward feeling confident.

Vision + Tactics (Road Map) = Achievable Landscape Strategy

Approaching your project in this way cuts through the clutter & gives you an achievable landscape strategy for moving towards a project you and your family will LOVE!


Choose which part/s you need.

Beat your feeling of “landscape overwhelm” and get moving towards your dream outdoor living space. You can start by establishing a ‘VISION’ for your outdoor living space. If you want more resources and tools for your landscape design, check out our ‘ROAD MAP’ Option.

                   +                              =             

VISION                                ROAD MAP                 LANDSCAPE STRATEGY


From Satisfied Clients

Garden Visions

Thanks again Lindy, you've conjured up our garden visions so well ?
- Ruth & Keith Hansen, Sydney -

Excellent Communicator

Thanks again Lindy, you've conjured up our garden visions so well ?

- Ruth & Keith Hansen, Sydney -

Don’t start Monday with a landscape blues feeling left over from the weekend.


You want to spend quality time with your family and friends outside when you have the opportunity and of course it’s important to feel connected and build memories together. Are you finally ready to make your backyard your own with some online landscape design coaching? Good enough to share? Reconnect to the best part of you – the part that loves being outside, sharing happy times with friends and family, inspiring kids, digging your hands in the soil or staring at the stars. Remember how good it feels to start your own adventure and make your senses come alive? Soothe, heal, excite or enrich yourself and those you love right at home. Your personal outdoor sanctuary is within reach!


Be efficient & successful by creating a vision & planning how to achieve your personal vision.


Waste time by feeling overwhelmed & trying to work out what to do and when.


How many hours and weekends have you already spent wondering how to make your backyard a great place to be?

You could spend many hours and weekends

researching images, styles, materials, plants and everything inbetween. You could guess and wonder how best to upgrade your landscape and garden. You could start with a contractor. But will they understand everything you need and help you develop an overall vision or do they prefer to specialize  in one construction area whether pavers, walls or planting?

You could hire an expensive professional and spend thousands of dollars for a detailed design with pages of drawings. But is that overkill before you have a clear idea of what you want? And how do you find a professional and know that they’re going to be easy to work with?

Not having a clear strategy can cost you many hours of wasted time and thousands of dollars.  More than you think. Our process is set up to help you conjure up your vision and clarify your goals and objectives, to save you money in the long run.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not smiling, neither are we and we’ll refund your money.

Hi! I'm Lindy Hulton-Larson

After working for many years as a professional landscape architect on large scale projects in Australia and the USA, I decided to use my experience to develop a simple process & tools to help homeowners and families transform their outdoor living spaces.

Why? These spaces form the foundation of precious family memories and enrich our personal communities of families, neighbours and friends. That makes me smile 🙂 

Most “normal” houses are designed and built with zero connection to the outside. A huge missed opportunity!

You? You’re busy but you know your place and what will suit you. What memories do you want to build?

Look forward to hearing your story!



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