Have you ever dreamed about your perfect backyard? How do you get to that place? I bet you’ve been to your local nursery to help you develop your ideas, only you ended up looking at plants, feeling discouraged and going home. Did you ever think about why that was? Could it be because designing your outdoor living spaces and actually living in them is about so much more than plants?

Designing your outdoor living spaces and actually living in them is about so much more than plants.

Have you ever dreamed about building a house? Once you imagined how it looked and how it felt to walk around inside, did you expect you would need someone to help you draw some plans and help you put your “thought bubbles” on paper so you could move forward? Why should designing a perfect backyard be any different?

You know …

You know how you want to use your outdoor living spaces and when. Your kids should have an outdoor retreat and you should have space outside to relax and renew yourself before the hectic work week starts again. Or maybe you need a place to entertain friends and family. Do you want to share stories about your week, build memories and spend time together?

You have ideas about how that outside place should look to express your style and be an extension of your inside living space but it seems kinda overwhelming and difficult to know where to start.

And then there’s the business of what actually works for your place. Is it sloping? Do you have views you like or a neighbour’s window you want to screen? Is it shady or sunny? Can you get digging equipment down the side passage?

Developing your “thought bubbles” for your perfect backyard

It can be a challenge to get all your “thought bubbles” for what you want to achieve lined up and working together. At this point, many homeowners stop – too much effort, too little time.

I can help you put together a vision and a roadmap for creating your own outdoor living spaces. You can save time, headaches & money by thinking ahead of the game and getting the foundation right.

3 levels of help

I offer 3 levels of help depending on your needs.

  1. Use my free resources such as my downloadable guide “6 expert steps for starting your landscape project” (you’re welcome!) to get you thinking the same way as professionals.
  2. Find out about my online landscape design coaching tools & services if you feel like you could use a little help & guidance. My packages are affordable and achievable and I think you’ll be surprised. Best of all you don’t have to leave your house to meet with me because I have systems in place to effectively work online and get you the information you need.
  3. And if you need more detailed help and would like to talk more, let me know. We can schedule a Skype call to discuss your needs and see if we’re a good fit for working together.

You may have some questions like …

  • “But can I really do this online?” or
  • “Don’t I need someone to come and look at my garden and stand here next to me to give me advice?”

The takeaway here is that my role is as a coach. To help get your thoughts in order, I use online tools and processes that have been developed over years of working with clients just like you. You’re my eyes and ears and you know your site. I ask questions to focus in on the information needed so that we’re not just going to think about plants. They’re important, but not as important as the bones of your garden and how you’ll use it.

My goal is to help you form a clear vision and roadmap to get your perfect backyard started with clarity and confidence. My bigger goal is to get us all experiencing outside more; renewing ourselves, making memories with our loved ones and building friendship & strength in our communities.

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Hey! I’m Lindy.

I’m a landscape architect for busy homeowners, helping turn ideas into an achievable vision that suits personal design sense & lifestyle. Look forward to helping you!

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