Yay! Your new house is finally finished (apart from the outside landscape design) and you’ve moved in and are breathing a sigh of relief. Phew! You’ve made it! Your house is just as you wanted it, finally! It feels great! You kick off your shoes, get a cool drink and head out to the deck to enjoy some relaxation. You know you’ll need to start your landscape design project soon but you’re exhausted from completing the house, finishing details, moving back in, unpacking. “Just a little rest”, you think … “That’s what I need”.

But …. there’s dirt outside your front and back doors and it’s being dragged inside on your new floor. Eeeekkkk!

You need a way to keep your dirt in place and make it look nice out there. After spending so much energy and money on your house, your outside spaces don’t match your lifestyle dream and now it’s time to change that.

It’s a common story we hear over and over.

Many homeowners feel overwhelmed about where to start.

With a little thought and planning though, the process can become a whole lot easier.

With access to expert online professional advice at aplaceoutside.com to guide your ideas and dreams to reality, you’ll be on your deck enjoying your outside in no time. Here are 6 expert steps to get your thinking started.

How to start your landscape design project …. 6 expert steps

Grab a notebook and scribble down Steps 1 to 6 …. Easy huh? Here we go …

Step 1. What’s there now – what do you hate, what do you love?

You can save time and money by being conscious of what you have out there now. Get realistic about what’s good and bad (and recyclable) and you’ll have a list to check off to make sure everything is covered once you’ve planned your project.

Step 2. Love your soil

If your garden is looking tired and rundown (or bare after building or renovating!), take action! Over time, especially with machinery or people all over it, your soil loses its ability to hold air and water. That’s what you need to make your garden grow. It’s fixable!

Step 3. Consider your entrance/s

Seems kind of obvious huh? But here’s the trick …. think about the front entrance AND the back & side; wherever your house opens to the outside. This is your chance to make connections between inside and outside that will enhance your lifestyle.

Step 4. Who will be using your garden? What do they need?

Different ages & interests need different things. It’s good to prioritize who will be there the most, otherwise the list of “needed” things could be overwhelming.

Step 5. What kind of landscape design look/style do you like?

It’s helpful to have an idea of what you like. A cottage garden is no good if you like clean lines and modern landscape design and vice versa. Check out our landscape design style resources to help you decide what landscape design style suits your lifestyle and character. This is the fun part of developing great landscaping ideas specific to you.

Step 6. How does your garden grow?

Don’t be tricked into going to the nursery to buy plants & look for inspiration too soon. You need a solid plan of attack if you want to save time and money. You can develop it yourself following the steps below or use a design professional to get you on the right track.

Download our free guide “6 expert steps to a stylish outdoor living space” for more information about how to work through each of these steps.

You’ll be on your way to a stylish outdoor living space in no time!

If you’d like some help establishing your vision and a road map to get you to the deck with a cool drink in hand faster, check out the online tools and process we use to help our clients develop an achievable personal landscape strategy. We make it fun to start your landscape design project and make sure you won’t have to redo your design because it doesn’t suit your needs. That’s the benefit of working with us!

Every savvy homeowner should have access to their own landscape architect as they design their outdoor living spaces!

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